Godís Commandments Concerning Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage


It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows the Bible and the ways of God that His commandments concerning marriage, divorce and remarriage (MDR) are very different from the laws of most of the nations of earth. Although the ideal is that a man and his wife remain together for life, God has always clearly and carefully regulated who can, and who cannot, divorce and remarry with His acceptance. It was true under the Law of Moses in the Old Testament, and it is true now under the law of Christ in the New Testament.

The amazing thing is how simply those commandments are stated. They require only a few lines of text, and yet encompass all that we need to know.

The following pages contain the New Testament commandments concerning marriage, divorce and remarriage. They are listed in their order of appearance in the New Testament with separate columns for those written to men and those written to women.  The reason for this distinction is drawn from the way they are given and will become clear later.

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