Links to Studies of Interest

There are several works, and works-in-progress, on this web site which can be useful in your study of the Bible and religious matters.  At present, there are:

The Revelation: A Tale of Three Cities: A brief study of the book of Revelation setting forth the key terms, places, transition points and characters in the book.  Once this is done, the Revelation becomes startlingly clear.
Written by Roger Lindsey.

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage: The New Testament teachings on MDR as they pertain to men and women, respectively. A resulting list of those situations which are adultery and not adultery are very useful in helping determine where we stand before God.
Written by Roger Lindsey.

Church History; A comprehensive but concise history of the church established by Jesus Christ, and the deviations made by men, with particular attention to how those deviations compare to the original organization. 46 Lessons with exercises at the end of each.  Compiled and written by Gary Eubanks.

Flash Facts; Short examples of evidence that the Bible is the word of God and that God is the Creator of all things. Particularly suited for use with young people to strengthen them against the onslaught of the evolution machinery in the media and science.
Compiled from various sources.

Short Studies A compilation of ten very short studies on Bible and related subjects. Originally formatted for use as phone messages or radio commercials.

A Basic Timeline of the Bible - just what it says. A basic graph of the timeline of the Bible - not to scale, but useful in keeping your bearings in the Bible.

Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of God? - Is there a difference between the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of God, or are they both names for the same thing?

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