Situation Ethics

There has been some furor in recent years about ethics, or more important the lack of ethics. Ethics is the result of a moral code by which people conduct their lives. The problem is that the one real moral code for mankind has been rejected. This world has been fed on a steady diet of "situation ethics" instead of the moral code of the Bible. When man decides that God's word and God's moral code is outdated or offensive for some other reason, then he is left with a vacuum where his moral code used to be. This vacuum must be filled with something, so man begins to search within himself to try and decide what is right and proper. The result, you have as many moral codes as there are people on the face of the earth. Who can live in such chaos? To the man across the street it might be proper to commit murder on you and your family. It seems right to him! Who is to say, operating under the assumption that every man is to develop his own moral code, that he is wrong? Who can judge anything? All law and government will eventually be replaced by anarchy; it is the only conclusion to such a ridiculous approach to morality. God inspired his prophet a long time ago to pen these words: "O Lord, I know the way of man is not in himself; it is not in man who walks to direct his own steps" (Jer. 10:23). We are dependent on the Creator to show His creation the way that is best.