Pleasing God

We should all have a desire to please God because He has given us our very lives. "In Him we live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:28). It is God who has given us life and who loves us more than any one else possibly could. A natural reaction to that love should be that we love Him in return and that we should want to be pleasing to our Father, our God, and our Creator. But, just as it is virtually impossible for a husband to know unerringly what would please his wife without her telling him, even so we cannot know what pleases God except He should tell us. If God does not allow us to know His mind we could never please Him. We can't gather this information from the Creation, although it speaks eloquently of His power (Romans 1:20). But God has allowed us to know His mind. He has spoken to us through the word which He has revealed to prophets, apostles, and particularly, through His Son. We can now know exactly what it takes to please God by looking at the book He gave us and by looking at the example of His Son, Jesus Christ. The word of God is not some confusing, dark book better left to the experts to interpret. It is the mind of God put down in plain language so that we might understand. And through those things revealed in that book, we come to understand how God would have us respond to His love for us, and how we can come to be pleasing to Him through Christ Jesus.