The Book of Revelation

Key Places

The first key place is only significant when we consider the Key Transitions in the book later:

1. Patmos - It is well to note that John begins receiving the Revelation while he is on the island of Patmos - Rev. 1:9.  Though this is not so key to our understanding of the book, it is significant that John is on earth, and then is taken up in the spirit to...

2. Heaven - from which he sees the rest of the scenes that develop before his eyes - Rev. 4:1.

From this vantage point John can see the panorama of the things happening in Heaven itself, and the things and places to which his attention is directed on the earth.

And his attention is directed to:

3. Jerusalem - He is told to rise and measure the temple which is in the city where the Lord was crucified - Rev. 11:1 and 8.   This means that the city and the temple were still standing when John is told to measure them.  This has to be prior to 70AD when Jerusalem along with its temple were destroyed by the army of the Roman general Titus.

Some have claimed that the Revelation cannot be referring to the city of Jerusalem, since, in their opinion, the city of Jerusalem had been destroyed 20 or 30 years before the Revelation was given to John.  This is an assumption based on yet another assumption.  Please click here for a brief examination of this assumption.

4. Rome - John is taken by the angel to see the "judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters..." Rev. 17:1.  This harlot is later identified clearly as "...that great city which reigns (present tense, in John's day) over the kings of the earth" Rev. 17:18.  This can only be Rome.

Now that we have noted the places within the book of Revelation that are key to our understanding, we need to turn our attention to the Key Transitions within the book.  You can click on the right arrow below when you're ready to continue.


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