The Book of Revelation

The book of Revelation has captured man's imagination from the time it was delivered to John in the first century AD.  It has been misused, abused, misunderstood, and misappropriated over the millennia, twisted to suit the fancies of perverted men and movements, and of honest and even careful students of the word of God.  It is always difficult to approach a study of something so loaded with emotional and traditional baggage without being influenced by what we have heard or learned from others.

However, that is exactly what this study is attempting to do.  This is an attempt to appeal to the actual words of this book as the Son of God sent them through His angel to John, and see what they say, not what man has said.

I suggest that you read the book at least three or four times, attempting each time to dismiss from your mind all that you have heard about this book, and concentrate on the writing itself.  Try to approach it as if you were one of the members of the church at Sardis or Philadelphia, or another church of that time.  What is it saying to a saint of that time?  Whatever the message meant still means today.  The book has not changed.

I also suggest that once you have read through the Key Terms, Places, Transitions and Characters portions of this web site, that you re-read the Revelation.  See if the suggestions set forth here do not ring true, despite what you may have heard to the contrary.

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