Some Conclusions about Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage reached on the basis of what we have just studied:

The commandments concerning marriage, divorce and remarriage are different for men and women.  It should be noted that this has been true in both the Old and New Testaments.  The New Testament scriptures in particular which deal with marriage, divorce and remarriage, broken out as they apply to men and women, clearly demonstrate that the commandments are different for each sex.

The commandments on marriage, divorce and remarriage (MDR) are much like the commandments on the home and worship.  Men and women are equal in Christ, but they have different commandments to follow concerning the home, worship and marriage (divorce & remarriage).  There are different commandments for men and for women.

The ultimate outcome of this is that there is no condition under which a woman who has a living legitimate husband can remarry without committing adultery as long as that husband is alive.  The same is not true of the man.  He may remarry without committing adultery if he has put away his wife for the cause of fornication.

The use of language is simple and consistent in every language I know of.  When instructions are given in terms which are specific to both genders it should never be assumed that all instructions apply to both sexes alike.

For example, if both men and women walk into a class and the instructor says, "Men, get a red notebook from the stack; and women, get a blue notebook," then it would be a mistake for a woman to pick up a red notebook and vice versa.

Yet this is what is done with the New Testament commandments concerning the home, worship and marriage and divorce.  And in many cases, these commandments are ignored altogether.

And, last of all, let's look at some modern and ancient errors concerning marriage, divorce and remarriage.


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