Flash Facts

These items were originally prepared for young people who needed their resolve stiffened against the ceaseless onslaught of the media and "science."  They are being continually bombarded with the assumption that evolution is fact, that God probably does not exist, and that the Bible is not His word.  These little items are fairly easy to understand, and can help strengthen young and old in their faith.

For the most part these articles can be printed out onto one sheet of paper (front and back in some cases) to be given out or used in a presentation environment.  Requests for these items in Word or RTF format can be addressed to rdlindsey1@att.net.

There are only a few at present, but I expect to add more as time goes by, the Lord willing.  Here is what is available now:

The Bombardier Beetle - One of God's most amazingly complex bugs.  So, this was done by "natural selection?"

The Earth's spin...proof for a young Earth - The rotation of t he earth is gradually slowing — losing time.   If the earth is billions of years old, and it has been slowing down uniformly through time, the earth's present spin would be zero.

The Flood - Evidences of a worldwide flood can be found, not only everywhere in nature, but also in more than 270 flood stories and historic records found in many parts of the world.  This is just one of these stories.

Nebraska Man -  A whole race of "prehistoric man" manufactured by the scientific experts from the tooth of a pig!

"Scientific" Dating Methods - A brief examination of the "science" behind these much touted "scientific" methods for telling the age of parts of the earth.

Suffering - The most often asked question by non-believers..."If God exists, why is there so much suffering?"  But, is suffering necessary for strength and beauty?