Artist's conception of "Nebraska Man"

"Nebraska Man"

Nebraska Man was discovered in 1922 by Harold Cook in the Pliocene deposits of Nebraska.  A tremendous amount of literature was built around this supposed missing link which allegedly lived 1 million years ago.

The evidence for Nebraska Man was used by evolutionists in the famous Scopes evolution trial in Dayton, Tennessee, in 1925.  William Jennings Bryan was confronted with a battery of "great scientific experts" who stunned him with the "facts" of Nebraska Man.  Mr. Bryan had no retort except to say that he thought the evidence was too scanty and to plead for more time.  Naturally, the "experts" scoffed and made a mockery of him.  After all, who was he to question the world's greatest scientific authorities?

But, what exactly was the scientific proof for Nebraska Man?  The answer is a tooth.  That's right; he found one tooth!  The top scientists of the world examined this tooth and appraised it as proof positive of a prehistoric race in America.  What a classic case of excessive imagination!

The Nebraska Man tooth, as shown in the Illustrated London News, June 24, 1922

Years after the Scopes trial, the entire skeleton of the animal from which the initial tooth came was found.  As it turns out, the tooth upon which Nebraska Man was constructed belonged to an extinct species of pig.  The "authorities," who ridiculed Mr. Bryan for his supposed ignorance, created an entire race of humanity out of the tooth of a pig!  What an embarrassment to the scientific community and a noteworthy commentary on our human nature.  Needless to say, little publicity was given to the discovered error.  Surely, there is a lesson here for us concerning the reliability of so-called "expert testimony," which is so often used to manipulate and intimidate the layman.

A similar discovery, which was also based upon a tooth, was the Southwest Colorado Man.  It is now known that this particular tooth actually belonged to a horse!

How resourceful and imaginative scientific "experts" can be at times.  Give them a tooth, not necessarily human, and they can create an entire race of prehistoric humanity.

(Scott M. Huse, The Collapse of Evolution, pp. 97-98.)

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