The Earth's Spin and Creation

Here is another fact that throws a gory wrench in the evolutionary machine.  The rotation of the earth is gradually slowing — losing time.  The causes for this are many, including gravitational drag forces exerted on the earth by the sun and moon.  If the earth is billions of years old, and it has been slowing down uniformly through time, the earth's present spin would be zero.  Extrapolating backwards, the earths spin billions of years ago would have been so great that the centrifugal force would pull the land masses to the equatorial regions and draw them out to a present-day height of over 40 miles.  The oceans would have been pushed to the poles and the overall shape of the earth changed from a sphere to a fat pancake.  But the earth is still spinning, its shape is spherical, its continents are not crowded to the equatorial regions, and the oceans are not centered at the poles.  What do we conclude?  The earth is NOT billions of years old.

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